Keystones Technology Innovators~STARS Summit~ 1: INNOVATE

Arrived and ready to begin a week of learning and engaging with the states top tech leaders! Keystones STARS — at Kutztown University of Pennsylvania.
My home for the next week…

Ready to tour campus…

Treated to a luau picnic dinner and sometime to collaborate with new friends!

Hall Davidson, our Keynote Speaker was fantastic!!! He demonstrated examples using Google Glass, Augmented Reality, 3D Printing and LEAP!
I even got to try out Google Glass and do a search! Very cool technology!

Collaborated in our passion cohorts–a passion for creating a connected global learning environment. We shared our ideas and reflected on obstacles, challenges, and aspirations.


Received an awesome SWAG bag and won some other gadgets. Another fantastic Keynote Speaker, Philip Vinogradov, shared his ingenious Gamification instructional model. Attended sessions on Google Apps & Chrome Apps/Extensions, Coding, and 3D printings. During the MakerBot session an iPhone holder using was created. Amazingly cool technology integration!
Gamification engages students!
Consider what skills you need to play Angry Birds Star Wars…

Are you up for the challenge of utilizing gaming as an instructional model?

Printed 3d Wikispace

Future prosthetics advancements through a maker’s eyes…innovation at work!

The evening was filled with Digital Playground fun-Created a movie using a green screen.


Another amazing day filled with inspiration. Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach was fantastic! Her slide show presentation can be accessed here.
The Connected Educator-Learning and Leading in the Digital Age

Resource links can be found here.
Connected Educator KTI2014 Wiki
Sheryl talked about the importance of building thick leadership density creating a community of leaders to solve the worlds problems.

Session 1, Sheryl challenged the concept of Appreciative Inquiry. Are we asking the right questions?

Session 2, Learning is Social-Edmodo

Session 3, Connect two to, too! Use of the best new video conferencing tool- ZOOM
ZOOM sign-up
Carol Teitelman Global Video Conferencing resources
Tried ZOOM out…Video conferenced with Angela Maiers
Angela Inspires Passion & Global Change
Session 4, Skype in the Classroom
Skype resources

Day 4: LEAD



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