Beauty Within the SELFIE

Inspired by #Beauty Is… Campaign Dove’s Selfie Video, Beauty Within the SELFIE I AM BEAUTIFUL was created to empower young girls self-concept in the school setting. This powerful experience with DAUGHTERS and MOTHERS/MENTORS was life changing!

Event coverage

We kicked off the event viewing a Powerful Music Video Photoshop… we discussed how we feel about beauty and pondered… What message are we sending to young girls about their beauty?
I asked for the Moms/Mentors to share their passion and to tell if they followed it or not. I asked for Moms/Mentors to share a bit of advice with their Daughter/Mentee.
After viewing “The Selfie” we polled Moms/Mentors to see how many have taken Selfies… How many takes would it require
before being comfortable making Selfie’s public-posting on social media? Were our Selfie’s altered? What impact was society
having on how we define beauty?
Facial Spa background music…

Facial Spa stations were ready to go. Facial washes and scrubs, cleansing pads, Milk baths, and moisturizers were available. Milk baths were applied by Moms/Mentors on Daughter’s faces and Daughters applied the facial on their Mom’s/Mentor’s faces. Orange slices were placed on the eyes and all were having a blast. As I observed and snapped memory photos, I saw smiles and heard laughter. It was an amazing site to see!


Following the facials and SELFIES, each pair was given a large piece of construction paper. Together the Daughter and Mom/Mentor pair
defined what BEAUTY IS…
When each was completed they were placed on a large poster. Post-in notes were given to comment/provide positive feedback on other Daughter and Mom/Mentor Beauty Is posters.

Raw footage

The girls prior to the event, wrote letters to their Mom/Mentor, explaining the beauty they see in their Mom/Mentor.During the Beauty Within the SELFIE event the girls shared the letters with them. The Moms/Mentors were very moved to say the least and a deeper bond formed at an emotional connected level.

All of the girls and Moms/Mentors came to the collaborative Beauty Is poster and shared out how they define what BEAUTY IS…

The even closed with a few of the girls singing “I AM BEAUTIFUL.”

Girls sing “Beautiful”

Kid President’s Message to MOMs!

Administration support for the program.

It was a powerful experience for all those involved. This will be an annual event and I hope to impact one Daughter and Mom/Mentor at a time 😉 Allowing them to find and celebrate their TRUE beauty!


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