My Journey as a 6th Grade Science Teacher facilitating a Paperless Classroom…

Six years ago I applied for a grant to receive a 1 to 1 classroom environment of netbooks. My passion and goal expressed in my application was to facilitate a paperless classroom. My vision was that students would continue to be engaged in a hands-on, minds-on science inquiry environment but would house all observations, data, conceptual models, graphic organizers, and graphs in a personal online, electronic notebook. I also envisioned students having one location to go to and access my course – hand-outs, flip-charts, links to online resources, and ultimately be able to submit assessments for me to analyze their understanding of key science concepts and provide feedback for growth. I saw this space as a place for students to interact with peers and have science conversations guided by questions that I initiated. My application was accepted and soon the netbooks arrived and the real time problem solving began! Stay tuned for more of my journey in facilitating a paperless classroom…   


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