Moodle my course platform

In these earlier times every creative technology idea took much research, analysis or reaching out for help from a few individuals that had more technology knowledge than I did. We collaborated and explored options. Much trial and error was necessary on my part. My school was supportive and forward thinking in moving my goal and the goals of other staff members to reality. Moodle was my first stopping point. It was the site that was facilitated by my CAIU and later taken over by my district in-house. It allowed me to add everything that I wanted to communicate with students and parents. It was vast enough to have multiple sections for units and to upload online text and images, which is what I needed. It also allowed me to post an evening/weekend science blog for students to hold interesting science discussions with peers, as well as, an are you up for the challenge, where students could make their own science video and post it for peer feedback. There were many options available in Moodle for facilitating my paperless classroom! My Power Point presentations which later became flip-charts as technology evolved were uploaded and links for online reading resources were added. Students were able to access everything they needed for my science class from any location they had Internet access. More to come in my reflections focusing on an unexpected shift that occurred in the student learning processes..


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