Magnitude of Twitter

New to Twitter as of July, I have experienced the sheer ‘Magnitude’ of Twitter as a professional learning community. I started blogging and documenting my journey for DoMoreEdu. This evolution led me to write my recent post for #LeadershipDay13, HyperThink.” In HyperThink, I proposed that the smartest person in the world is the world! I discussed that this is a time of exponential change, we can no longer keep our ideas and voice to ourselves. We must engage in critical thinking and collaborate with others to not only dream the future but design the future.

     Yesterday, I had the pleasure to twitterating (deep meta-cognition discourse) with Grant Lichtman. This opportunity arose when he commented on my blog post, HyperThink. After commending me for my great quote, The smartest person in the world is the world! He shared a tweet, “Learning ecosystem=evolution of the cognitosphere. Connectivity, synergy, symbiosis measures of system health.” As a connected learner, I was immediately intrigued and responded with, people don’t realize the magnitude behind it! He quipped, “As a former geologist: 11 on the Richter scale puts a crack around the whole globe.” Loving science and tapping into my passion and drive I responded with 10+ magnitude on the ECOSYSTEM Richter scale! Blam! He countered with, “Hmm, maybe should develop equivalent of Richter Scale for school innovation, from quiet rumble to global split!” With jubilation, I stated, let’s do it! ‘Collaboration’ at it’s best!
     You see, my journey on Twitter has provided myriad of personal experiences with many educational leaders and passionate Tweeps striving to learn from each other. Constructing my own learning from the experiences I’ve recently absorbed have led me to observe that everyone has a voice, are being called to take risks and challenged to use our voice as change agents. The sheer power and ‘Magnitude’ of Twitter, has catastrophic future events should we not use our voice. As a world uniting on the Twitter #Hyperloop (future idea design transportation collaboration system) to solve the world’s needs it is and could remain an untapped resource should we not take board the pneumatic hovercraft known as the Internet/social media.
     As change agents, we need to take on the challenge to have our voice heard. This means active engagement with the Twit Hyperloop transformational highway. We need to let our interests, experiences, talents, passion propel us forward and use our voice to converse, stimulate critical thinking in others. We need to provide critical feedback. We need to push the boundaries of thinking when we conversate. Yes Tweeps, it is important to praise when you are moved by an original thought and challenge others metacognition when you connect. When we engage with others the potential is exponential.
     Mr. Lichtman’s next Tweet setup the collaborative challenge. If I were to have clicked on the Twitter star, identifying I liked his thought and then scrolled to the next tweet in my feed, he may have never considered the lens of ‘Magnitude.’ I believe, it was the pushing of his thinking by my comment that was the inertia leading to his blog post, “Innovation: Are we overlooking the “Magnitude” with focus on frequency?”
Several great thinkers last evening engaged in our phenomenal discourse on the topic, Holly Chesser, Angel W. Kytle, Kami Thordarson, and Bo Adams added to the Hyperloop-sphere of critical conversation. Ideas like “Madonna Curve” and “Logarithmic” were explored. Great ideas evolved and opened up varied thought generation on the concept of scale to measure school innovation.
     There was canter (friendly exchange of critical remarks) back and forth further between Mr. Lichtner and I, exploring the possibilities of developing an equivalent Richter Scale for school innovation. Delaney: We don’t want to crack it but hover on the edge using mega risk! Lichtman: “Depends on what “it” is that might crack. Can argue that is exactly what we want , or that crack is inevitable.” Delaney: Great advances have both failures and success-grit, determination, perseverance to hold on for ?! Lichtman: “It’s next tool for school innovation self-assessment: what does your innovation scale look like? Love it!” 
     At that point I told Mr. Lichtman that I would work on it and get back to him and that’s exactly what I did. By the way, still at this point I had no idea that he was a reknowned change agent and TEDxTalks speaker until I perused his feed as I pondered the problem of what my scale would look like. The powerful video allowed me to collaborate with his ideas. I took notes. I analyzed his “Ecosystem and Industrial Scales.” I examined his ideas about the “Global Ecosystem.” Many of the ideas blended with my thinking about the smartest person in the world is the world. For this reason the magnetic force of attraction to each others ideas could not be avoided. I imagined the impact of his construct on “Anchors, Dams and Silos.” My creative energy was synthesizing. I created my own schema for what I call, Complexification Scale: Potential Hazards for Connected Learning and enthusiastically shared it!
Lichtner’s natural Ecosystem concept (taken from TedxTalks with G.Lichtman)
Lichtner’s Industrial concept (taken from TedxTalks with G.Lichtman)
IAA SETI Potential Hazard Scale sparked my innovation.

My work:

Potential Hazards for Connected Learning

The smartest person in the world is the world!

Complexification Scale

10    Extinction        Ideas are nonexistent

9      Endangered     Isolation of thought and fear of extinction

8     Polluted           Ideas, design, creation are stagnant

7-6   Erosion           Original thought not supported/encouraged when shared            Erosion***CRITICAL Hazard in Road! (Turning

5     Organic           Alive using collaborative skills and capable of decay                 point at which someone’s idea is inert or moves

4-3   Variable           Rooted in solid communication; some shoots embedding          pneumatically to global destination on Hyperloop.

2-1   Global             Connected learners collaborating and creating worldwide

     The Complexification Potential Hazards Scale for Global Connected Learning, was sparked by the Twitter interaction with Mr. Lichtman. Through collaborative discourse while traveling the Twitter Hyperloop (Transformational Connected Learners Highway), we moved IDEATION at light speed! We challenged each other to make an impact on the world. As a Global Learning Network (GLN), we must be the change conductors. We can do this by being self-directed learners who take risks to voice our ideas. Using social media as the tool, as change conductors, we do not have to become inert when our ideas are not embraced by another. Power forward and know that you are connected to a world with a plethora of potential waiting to be the catalyst to move your ideation forward on the Complexification Scale. I call on you to be the actuator, use pneumatic potential to voice your message and arrive at your destination having great WORLD impact when you trust the ‘Magnitude’ of Twitter!

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