Classroom walls and class day were no longer a barrier to learning!

Students were very excited about using the new technology and one of the most powerful observations I recall from that time was my interaction with each student. The walls of the classroom and class day were no longer a barrier to learning! I was communicating with them outside of the classroom daily until I was ready to sleep each night. Feedback to their questions was immediate and motivated them to live science outside of school. It was exciting! At the same time, students were learning so much more science and this was just the beginning. The other point I remember, is that as with any new task, there are stopping points-problems that arise that need to be figured out. I was no longer the expert and thankfully from the beginning I had sought to create a risk taking, open learning environment. Students were encouraged to check with their partner to see if they did the tech task and then check with table mates. If they completed the tech task, to then get out of their seat and assist any other student struggling. It was incredible to observe, students helping other students and learning together. It did take time at first to learn how but once they understood they owned the learning and were able to apply it. As we moved forward it was less about the tool and it became second nature to use it in order to communicate, collaborate, demonstrate, create, etc. You see, now we are fast forwarding to where we want to be today–creating students that are prepared and ready to tackle the 21st century world. More to come about online formative and summative assessments to monitor student learning and virtual student notebooks…



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